Specialists in the field of Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance Management and Business Analytics

Business Intelligence is the art of generating the right decision based on the right information.
Corporate Performance Management is the art of automating the supply of (financial) information.

At Biyond, we cut the jargon and merged Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management into integrated solutions.

The art of Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence, to us, is the art of creating relevant and reliable information - information that gives you new insights into your business, information that steers your decisions. We help you mine this information by gathering, storing and analyzing data from different sources.

Business Intelligence can tackle any aspect of your operational management: from finance, sales and risk management to customer behaviour, e-commerce and your supply chain.


The art of Corporate Performance Management
In theory, Corporate Performance Management consists in defining and monitoring performance to achieve strategic goals at every organizational level.

In practice, Corporate Performance Management focuses on automating financial information processes such as reporting, consolidation, forecasting and budgeting.