Services that lead to the best solution

Biyond offers experienced consultants and customized solutions.

Two points of focus
We help you define your goals and design the tools to meet them by:

  • Defining your information needs to meet your organizational challenges.
  • Designing your IT infrastructure to meet your information needs.

Our services include the following:

  • Consultancy. We advise you on strategic (such as your information strategy or process optimization) and operational (like selecting IT tools) questions.

  • Design. We design Business Intelligence and/or Corporate Performance Management solutions after a thorough analysis of your needs.

  • Realization and implementation. A solution only deserves its name if it improves decision-making and automates information-gathering. We will stay with you until the (IT) solution is implemented, both technically and organizationally. And thereafter.

  • Training. We share our Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management knowledge with your employees through custom training events, like teaching your Management to harness the information flow or to use specific applications.

  • Managed Services. Use our web portal if you want relevant and consistent information without the hassle of system maintenance. Managed Services give you unlimited access to your information, from any desk in the world.